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About Me


Matthew Behr LMBT

My education began in Samara at The Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy (CRSMT) in January 2011 and I've been practicing professional bodywork ever since.


Along with other continuing education after graduating from CRSMT, I completed the 250 hour apprenticeship in Mindful Expressionism at the Berkana Institute here in Colorado where I specialized in a deep tissue, artful, and meditative approach to massage therapy.

I believe the body is inherently self healing when we can give ourselves the time and the space to rest and relax; the intention of my practice is to facilitate rejuvenation by this avenue. Drawing awareness back to the breathe and approaching the massage as a blank canvas, it is my goal to respectfully support holistic wellness within the scope of my practice.



303 358 4204

Matthew Behr
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