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Absolutely the best massage EVER!!!  I have had many sessions with Matthew and I always leave feeling like a new woman.....completely relaxed and stress free.  He is a gifted professional.  Can't wait for my next visit!!

- Kristin B.

I had an amazing bodywork session with Matthew yesterday. I can't call this massage because it is far more than that. Matt has the courage to dig in deeply where I really need the help, specifically in my shoulders and low back. It's rare to find a Massage Therapist that has the intuition and ability to work in your problem areas. Matt has that gift. His space is cozy and professional. He uses wonderful aromatherapy, and the best products. I am an expert in the massage therapy industry so you can take my word for it. If you are looking to experience profound change when you receive bodywork/massage therapy, schedule your session with Matthew Behr.

- Jill B.

Matthew creates a warm, inviting, and relaxing environment, but at the same time, provides in depth, therapeutic body work. I have had some chronic shoulder and neck issues that have vastly improved over the months I've been receiving regular massage from him. By far the best massage I've ever received!

- Tiffany S.

Matthew's pre-assessment and personality put me right at ease, melting my tension before I hit the table. Then his seriously magical hands delivered true gift energy and industry knowledge with precision placement, pressure, and sequencing. His Reiki like healing touch sent notable vibes of healing energy throughout my body. This was way more than I expected or have ever experienced in a massage.

- Kelly B.

What if Chopin had never became a pianist?  What if Michael Jordan never became a basketball player ?  What if J.K. Rowling never became a writer?  What if Matt Behr never became a massage therapist?  The world would be incomplete.  
Matt is truly an artist.  He truly works on understanding the pain points of your body and you end up leaving feeling so relaxed.  I've always been a ticklish person who has struggled with massage therapists who didn't know how to put the right amount of pressure but Matt puts even my most ticklish areas such as quads and feet to ease.  I've had many a massage and he is absolutely outstanding.  He puts all the major spas in the heart of Denver to shame.  He is the best there is! An added bonus is how he doesn't use any toxic candles or lotions.  Everything is driven by his impressive essential oil collection.  Thanks Matt for your outstanding work!!

- Jennifer D.

Matthew is amazing. He has a good energy and really knows how to make massage therapeutic truly. I have some nerve issues and skeletal problems and they require chiropractic care. Matthew's knowledge of the body and how to use various massage modalities has really extended the time between sessions with my chiropractor. I've literally had hundreds of massages in my life, and Mat is truly the best.

- Anwar M.

As a student athlete, I'm prone to having muscle aches, knots in my back, and stress from school and the intense training I do. After receiving a much needed full body massage from Matthew Behr, I feel as though everything that hurt in my body, went away. Matt has healing touch and technique I've never experienced. I've been to many doctors and trainers for upper back and shoulder soreness and it seems as though the only solution I get from them, is pain medication. I'm a firm believer in natural healing. Matt knew exactly where all my problem areas were on my back and helped ease the pain. I'm now back into training and I feel refreshed and my muscles are working much better now. I highly recommend Matt to anyone who is in need of a massage or a stress relaxer.  I can’t wait to get another massage from Matt!

- Tyler E.

I was so happy that I ran into Matt at a yoga class.  Initially, I received body work from him at a place that I had been a client for 12 years.  At that establishment, he became my preferred therapist and I was sad when I heard he was no longer an available therapist.  Imagine my surprise when I see him at yoga!  I asked for his information and quickly scheduled a massage with him at his new location.  Lovely!  Comfortable space and an amazing massage.  Matt can pop both of my shoulders which is a rarity with therapists.  Most try and get frustrated by my shoulders.  At any rate, he has wonderful knowledge of body mechanics and kinesiology which contributes to an amazing massage.  I always leave completely blissed out and thankful for the experience.  I am so happy that I found him.  He's that good!

- Harmony W.

I just had my second massage from Matt. What an intuitive, creative, and relaxing massage it was. Matt is a very strong but precise body worker. As a ballet dancer I am very hard on my muscles and often push through pain and injury, I need someone to help counter act all that determination, Matt fits the bill perfectly. Go get your massage today, your body will thank you!

- Bailey H.

Matthew has a true genuine gift of touch combined with a driven interest towards health. I've had a lot of body work in my day and Matthew is one of a kind in the way he listens. He has the educational background to answer all questions with intention and search deeper with his hands. I'll see you soon Matt!

- Joseph R.

I've been going to massage therapists for years to treat my scoliosis and to work on my posture, and Matthew is hands down the best in town. He creates a very relaxing and welcoming environment that is sure to take away life's stress. He also listens to his clients and focuses he energy to suit individual needs. I can't get enough of this guy and would recommend him to anyone!

- Spencer L.

Absolutely amazing, he is! Matthew was so understanding of the body and considerate of my comfort and ability to relax. I could tell he is really in tune with and passionate about his work. He has amazing energy and a naturally healing quality that makes me wish I lived in Denver to get regular massages from him. Quite the talent!

- Amy D.

As good as it gets! I have tried several Denver massage therapists and Matthew really knows the muscles and is very educated on the massage therapy. If you are looking for a Denver Colorado massage company, you really need to give them a call. I have been to many places that don't really understand the muscles, not the case with Behr Bodywork! Thank you very much!!

- Tye W.

Matthew is a very skilled and knowledgable massage therapist. I have received very high quality deep tissue work from him, and I always come out of my sessions feeling relaxed and energized simultaneously. Receiving massage from Matthew has made me aware of places that I hold tension in my body, as well as emotions and thought patterns that correspond with this muscle tension. His work has helped me relax and let go of some long-held tension on a multitude of levels. I'd definitely recommend Matthew's professional services to anyone!

- Charlie A.

I think the massage experience starts when you first meet Matt- his personality already sets a perfect tone. The setting is obviously very carefully thought out and between the aromas, sounds, temperatures, and vibes it really creates a great multi-sensory space.  As far as the massage, he is extremely knowledgeable, passionate about his work, and talented with his routine.  This was basically my first massage and so I didn't know what to expect from a full body deep tissue.  With 4 years of being a gypsy around Europe, sleeping on the ground, in planes, trains, cars, etc, and also working as an architect, I really felt him work out every knot in my body. I will definitely be visiting Matt regularly, because now after the massage I feel a huge change physically and mentally.  Overall very professional, comfortable and above all extremely effective- I highly recommend anyone visit Behr Bodywork, you won't even know how badly you needed a massage until after you've had it!

- Danny H.

It will be clear the first time you visit Matthew that his therapy skills, both physical and interpersonal, are second to none. My first time on the table with him actually made me tear up, though I still don’t quite know why. I received a full body/deep tissue massage along with a cranial sacral treatment which, simply put, were magical. Matthew’s hands were able to find all points of tension within my body and nurse them to tenderness with ease, and the sacral treatment opened my mind to absolutely new levels of relaxation. Most impressive of all to me was Matthew’s ability to disguise the movements of his hands and arms during the session; at points I had no idea how his appendages were able to create such simultaneous pressure points and motions. While this point maybe considered trivial, trust me it is not. His techniques exceed basic massage practices and really envelope his clients in serene relaxation and healing. It is probably a spectacle, but I usually keep my eyes closed. To top it all off, he is a great friend, and fun to just be around. I recommend Matthew to everyone I know.

- Cy S.

I went to Matthew in pain from a sports injury and he knew just what to do. He literally has magical hands! I recommend him to anyone and everyone. Without even telling him where I was in pain, he found it immediately and worked it out. Today I feel great with full mobility. Go see him

- MacKenzie B.

I have been seeing Matthew for almost 2 years and he is, by far the best massage therapist that i have seen.. I have been receiving massages for over thirty years and his deep tissue massages are extremely therapeutic!! His medicated massages are the way to go.. He uses infused balm and cream as well as INCREDIBLE aromatherapy!! Contact him for the best massage that you will ever get!

- Mary Anne Z.

If you never had a medicated massage it's worth it! Matthew is an amazing massage therapist and really tunes into your bodies needs. A combination of medicated lotion and Matthews talent makes your body feel perfect.  This is the best massage I have ever had and will continue to have monthly!

- Goldie S.

This was the best massage I've had in years. The ambiance was great. Matthew was professional and knew all the right spots to focus on. I will definitely come see him again next time I visit.

- Schivon B.

Best massage I have ever had! I have had shoulder pain for 3 years now and Matthew has amazing knowledge of the muscles and has helped reduce the pain tremendously. I would definitely recommend him to anyone that has been struggling with any kind of pain or just for a relaxing quality massage.

- Jennifer P.

I have a lot of stress in my life and my body pretty much always hurts. Matthew did a great job of making my pain go away - the perfect end to a vacation. I would recommend Behr Bodywork to anyone who lives in or is visiting Denver.

- Arielle S.

Hurts so good. I was visiting from the Bay Area and found this place on Yelp...I get massages at least once a month so I went hoping for the best. Sometimes Yelp reviews aren't totally on point however this was not the case! I looooved both massages, yes I went back one more time before I left. Totally worth booking time for yourself, your body is worth it.

- Nicole R.

Excellent. One of the best massages I've ever received & I've had hundreds. Thank you, Matthew!

- Anastasia V.

I waited until I was feeling truly awful before booking this appointment. I was even having trouble turning my neck all the way to left. Matthew greeted me with tea at the door and made me feel totally comfortable. I asked him to work on some of the knots in my neck and shoulders and he was able to work out some really painful stuff while still getting me to totally zone out and relax. His use of aromatherapy during the massage was really excellent.

- Patricia B.

My whole experience was outstanding. Probably the best massage I've had in years.

- Matias P.

One of the best professional massages I have ever received!!! I will definitely be making a monthly appointment.

- Jake N.

Seriously the best massage you can get!!  Matthew works every part of your body and makes the hour feel like forever. His schedule is always flexible olto meet your needs and welcomes you with his warm smile.  His massage moves flow so well, I am truly able to relax and enjoy it. I look forward to my next appointment every time!! Book, you will not reegret it!!

- Vanessa J.

Matthew is an incredibly talented and intuitive massage therapist. I had such a blissful massage from him, which included cannabis cremes and blends that honestly helped relax my muscles long after the massage. The essential oils Matthew adds to his massage is delicious and thoughtful. I was in heaven for the full 90 minutes! You will receive quality bodywork, comfort, and enjoyment form Behr Bodywork.

- Natalie W.

This was my first professional massage. I was a little nervous and was unsure on what to expect. Matthew made me feel very comfortable and the atmosphere was absolutely beautiful . My massage was an hour long which next appointment I will extend ;it was absolutely incredible. I left not only feeling physically better then I have in years. Also mentally uplifted. I am aiming to make this my weekly retreat. I highly recommend visiting Behr Bodywork. Thank you so very much. Looking forward to my next visit.

- Priest J.

Matthew gives the best massage, hands down, no question. He uses his intuition and clearly knows and trusts himself when meeting a client and their needs/requests on the table. As a former massage therapist, I would say I'm a massage snob and he's the best. He is incredible and well worth the visit. Just schedule and give him a try. You'll be hooked too!

- Sara M.

I had some work done with Matt, which was suggested to me from another friend, while visiting Denver. He is fantastic! I told him very little about what was bothering me but it felt like he knew what to touch. The medicinal lotions felt wonderful and I feel like I got much more than I payed for. He's not only a great massage therapist but an extremely nice guy as well!

- Jenna M.

I have been to see Matthew twice, and each time was fantastic. As someone relatively new to massage, he was very gentle and put me at ease, but also could tell where I might need more pressure to relieve tension or stress. I tried his CBD medicated massage, which was great. I am not a cannabis user, however the CBD went far to relieve back pain and did not make me feel strange or "high".  I would recommend Behr Bodywork to anyone.

- Amanda S.

As a real estate developer with a nation-wide territory, I'm always either at my desk, on a plane, or in a rental car. When I'm not working, I'm lifting weights with a personal trainer who pushes me to the limit every session. Between work and fitness, then, my back is usually tied up in extremely painful knots. That's why I honestly don't know how I could survive without my sessions with Matthew Behr. His size gives him the physical strength necessary to work on a larger guy like myself, and his natural empathic capacity allows him to hone in on the tough spots moments after I'm on the table. If you're a person who has enjoyed the relaxation of massage but never really found a therapist who can make a noticeable difference in your quality of life, you owe it to yourself to schedule a session with Matthew.

- Jeff D.

I'm not ashamed to admit that, until recently, I was a massage virgin. So when I went to get my "Behr rub" I really wasn't sure what to expect and was even a little nervous.  Upon entering the soothing calm of Behr's lair, I knew instantly that this scene was legit. The deep blue adorning his space and the scents from his aroma therapy oils immediately put me at ease.  I discovered later that Matthew's technique involves a variety of styles/practices, that he integrates depending on the specific needs of each client.  I won't go into details as to how Matthew's trained, professional hands worked over every muscle and nerve in the quivering mass of jelly that was, only minutes ago, my body, but I will say that I found myself pleasantly surprised at how completely relaxed my mental state was at the end of those glorious sixty minutes under his skilled touch.  I floated out of Behr's lair a changed man.  So if you want to experience the sheer awesomeness of a full mind/body/spirit meltdown, go get you some Behr loving for a happier, more relaxed you!  It's worth every penny, and every second of your precious time.

- Alex D.

Oh matthew, I can't say enough good things about him!  On several of my days off, from standing behind the chair, the tension and agony predominantly kicks into my upper shoulders and back.  Therefore, the pup and i walk over to spend an hour with matthew to relax and unwind. All I can say is that his magical hands, awe inspiring talent, and uplifting, charasmatic energy just put me right to ease.  His studio sets the perfect mood to simply allow the bad toxins, and energy depleting worries, we're surrounded by daily, to just wash away out to sea.  The waves crashing in the background, the CBD balm he so therapeutically applies, warms and soothes each muscle and knot, that he so knowledgeably just knows how to find and work out.  He helps you breathe through the manipulation of working each and every kink out of your aching body, and helps you stretch. The ambiance, the technique, his pressure, and magnificent passion in healing each and every client he sees, clearly shows through his devotion and kindness with his clients.  Sometimes I don't speak, and just relax, and sometimes we talk and laugh about life, or useless witty banter.  Whatever your style,  I assure you, if feeling rejuvenated, and neuromuscular therapy is your forte, Matthew will deliver to no avail!

- Kari V.

I have travelled the world and tried different styles of massage. I can honestly say I have never had a similar experience as with Matthew Behr. Everything in the session is so perfectly and carefully thought of and put in place that the pnly thing that is left to do is give in and travel to bliss. If you like yourself and are in the Denver area it is a must.

- Dayann O.

Amazing hands. Amazing energy exchange. Mathew is such a professional. He is in complete control of pressure, which has been difficult for many places I've visited. I highly recommend Behr Bodywork.

- Millete B.

Matthew has been my massage therapist for almost one year now. His ability to not only relax, but energize my muscles is uncanny. He can always find those "problem areas" and soothe away any pain and/or discomfort. He is a kind and thoughtful individual with an amazing talent and technique. Anybody would be lucky to receive massage services from Matthew!

- Jill L.

Matt is AMAZING! I have gotten many massages in my life but he is the best I have had. I have many injuries from my  time in the military service. After years of dealing with chronic pain and numerous surgeries, Matt showed me it was possible to do pain management. I am pill free and able to feel release when I see him. When I am feeling super bad I just book an appointment! If you have never seen him I highly recommend him. There is no one in Denver like him! He is super nice, warm, inviting, and really in tune with your body. Matt will change your life!

- Sarah B.

Best massage I have ever received! The vibes & the energy work were just magnificent. Felt very comfortable and open to ask questions about my body and sensations I was feeling- Matthew was more than knowledgeable and happy to provide sophisticated answers. Highly recommend! Best bodywork in Denver.

- Nic J.

My body and mind were in search for some magic hands..... close by to where I live.......and to add to the list, I was looking for a last minute appt and later in the evening. All these were met when I called up Matthew and made my appt for a much needed massage and brain refresh.  He worked over my stress areas while learning my body responses.  I walked out with fresh start and feeling like a million bucks!  Thanks for making the last minute appt and working with my schedule.  I will be coming back for another table session and recommending him to other runners and computer bound desk slaves.  THANK YOU!

- Van J.

I've been an athlete all my life and remain very curious about the potential of my physical body. Matthew's work addresses not only surface level pains, but deep alignment issues that we carry with us through the years. The physical relief Behr Bodywork provides is a gift to all who experience this practice of healing. Matthew's intuition and knowledge of massage technique yields a sound practice where one is cocooned in a space of security, relaxation and growth. I highly recommend Behr Bodywork to anyone who suffers from physical pain and to everyone else who want to gain a deeper understanding of their bodies.

- Zach C.

Matt crossed my path in January, 2015. My first experience with him was a sauna and massage treatment, and I felt great! I have many aches and pains as a byproduct from long term cancer treatments, and am grateful to have found Matt. Between sauna sessions, and the fantastic healing massages from Matt, my muscles feel much better. Thank you Matt!

- Lori H.

It very difficult to find your massage therapist with perfect pressure... I am ballet teacher and massage therapist too all my work is physical activity and my muscles were very tired. Thank you Matthew Behr!!! His hands help me to relax and prepare for the hard work. Now he is one of my favorite MT!

- Oleg D.

Working in the tile industry for many years puts a toll on your body. Matthew at Behr Bodywork seriously does a great job putting me back to work. I feel better than I ever have going to him. Thanks Matthew!

- Chad B.

Matt Behr gives the best massage in Denver! Super relaxing, an enjoyable experience, and perfect for any occasion. Matt is incredibly nice and will always make sure you have a pleasant time. Book an appointment ASAP!

- Matt H.

Absolutely the best massage EVER!!!  I have had many sessions with Matthew and I always leave feeling like a new woman.....completely relaxed and stress free.  He is a gifted professional.  Can't wait for my next visit!!

- Kristin B.

Matt is a pro! Great experience!  I felt like he really knew the body and all the pressure points. The deep tissue massage was purely exquisite! Aroma therapy mix-in was a nice touch. I will go back soon, thanks Matt!

- Daniel P.

I had seen the same massage therapist for the past 7 years.  Last year, I relocated to Denver so the search for a local therapist started.  I dreaded it because I figured I'd probably have to get a few bad massages before finding someone. Yes, a crappy massage is a real thing, it's worse than not getting a massage at all, the expense of it salts the wound, and it sucks.  Being very physically active, and not disciplined at all about stretching, I get a massage every other to every third week as a preventative practice, relaxation period, and a spiritual, mental, and physical realignment.  Matthew's calm demeanor, inquisitive approach to what's going with your entire self (beyond just the ailments of the day), and his follow through to beat you up in the best massage kind of way will be exactly what you need.  His combined knowledge of massage and how the body works, use of ointments and oils, and overall intuition definitely create a therapist apart from most others.  As a client, you can tell when the therapist is going through the motions, but with Matthew, he connects in such a way that you can tell you are his only focus before, during, and after your appointment.  Having seen Matthew several times, I can tell you that while the massages are similar from time to time, they are also customized to exactly what I need, but can't always explain with my simple reply of "It hurts here", "It's feels tight here", or "I just need to relax", when he asks what's going on.

I'm a little reluctant to say how great Matthew really is for fear of his schedule filling up and not being able to get in.  Kidding - he'll always make time.  I'd put Matthew in the ranks of the best, so if you want to experience massage exactly the way it's supposed to be - he's your guy!

- Virgil S.

The best bodywork I’ve had in years! I have been searching for a skilled and artful massage therapist like Matthew for a long time. His touch is smooth and flowing, his approach is deep and creative, and the experience he creates feels caring, healing...almost sacred. I left my massage with a strong feeling of contentment and relaxation—and I’ll be scheduling another session very soon.

- Kay H.

I am a former swimmer and am currently on a major running kick.  As an athlete, our body goes through very rigorous, stressful, and intensive training. Which is great, but we must also consider caring for and preserving our bodies. Matthew has a great understanding of how our body should be mended and cared for. He has a wealth of knowledge pertaining to mending and rejuvinating overworked bodies.  Aside from being an all around excellent massage therapist, Matthew makes a point to establish a relaxing and inviting environment, while keeping a very professional manner. There is nothing better than a great massage after a long run. I strongly encourage all to visit Matthew at Behr Bodywork if you're seeking body rejuvination and mending.

- Sam R.

I have had issues with my neck and was referred to Matt for a massage. It was one of the best I have had. Will go back for another.

- Raeline W.

The deepest most thorough deep tissue massage I ever had! The use of eucalyptus oil was a very nice extra touch. Matthew is exceptionally professional and considerate.

- Maria W.

Went to the Chalet to get a massage from Matt and he is the best.  He is very knowledgeable and also a really great guy to talk to throughout.  Highly recommended!!

- Brandon K.

I have been going to Matthew for over a year and he is great!  The Holiday Chalet is central and cozy. He just got a heating pad so I am nice and toasty. He goes deeper than I am used to but it is incredible. Nice guy and very highly recommended.

- Don D.

As an athlete whose body has taken abuse from years of high impact sports, Matthew’s work was exactly what I needed! Not only did he address specific problem areas, but he connected the mind and body in a complete healing experience. His skill and knowledge combined with his comforting demeanor left me feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. I will certainly be scheduling another massage at Behr Bodywork. If you care about your body and want to unlock a new sense of vitality, then I suggest you do the same!

- Mitchell M.

It was very relaxing. Mr. Behr is really amazing when it comes to massage therapy. He really helped me out with my troubled back. I wished I lived out in Colorado. I need  another session Matthew!!!! Its been too long.

- Jonathon L.

Fantastic! Head to toe, I feel entirely relaxed. I have never had a massage where the individual applies enough pressure to actually breakdown the tension; whereas, with Matthew, the pressure was spot on. I feel very confident in his abilities and will come back again when I feel like my body has tightened back up.  Thanks so much!

- Coral R.

Matt is a true professional. I went in with muscle tightness throughout my body. Matt knew exactly what to do to resolve the issue. After a one hour massage with Matt I left feeling like a new man. He is definitely one of the best massage therapists I have seen in a long time. I would highly recommend Matt.

- Michael C.

Matt is an exceptional body worker.  As a client, I like to have deep work done, and Matt delivers.  His technique is strong, and he is very capable to adjust to my body's needs.  For several months, I have searched for a quality body worker / therapist who is skilled, passionate about their work, and very personable.  Clearly, Matt embodies all of these important qualities, and is very professional to work with.  I appreciate everything he does!  Thanks, Matt!


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